How to keep baby greens fresher, longer...but not too long.

I frequently buy greens packaged in the plastic boxes at the store. Power greens, like kale and baby bok choy store much longer, but baby greens go bad quickly, due to the more delicate nature of those greens. Baby greens—-tender. Make sense? Even with the method below, you should plan to use up baby greens within a few days of buying them.

Three things I do to increase the storage of baby greens:

1. When shopping, choose from the back of the stack. Look for the expiration date and choose the later one. 2. When you get it home, take a minute to look inside for any little leaves that are going bad....frequently happens to ones that get smashed. 3. Put a clean paper towel on top, snap the lid on, and turn upside and store that way in your fridge.

The paper towel absorbs extra moisture. And if there is condensation at the bottom of the container, the greens won't be in contact with it once you invert the box.

Most of the time, if I’m not shopping at farmer’s market for greens, I’ll buy baby spinach, arugula, kale, and power green mixes because they do keep better in the fridge, longer, and since we live out in the boonies, that’s important to me.

Anne C. Dovel - @thefitquilter